A Curious Network Engineer's Collection of Insights and Experiences

Hello, I'm Pedro Damasceno, the person behind the AutoNetOps blog..

This project's inspiration came from a strong desire to develop into a Next Generation Network Engineer. My experiences have shown me that the finest learning occurs when reading, listening, writing, debating, practicing, and teaching are combined. I specifically intend to develop the Blog through these measures.


  • All that I have learned from books, the internet, my own projects, and my professional experiences will be shared and taught, with a particular focus on the topic of "Network Programmability and Automation." I'll also write about other subjects that, in general, fascinate me.

  • Share both academic and practical information. Share knowledge that is both theoretical and practical.

I am not an expert writer, but I'll try to provide the best information possible. So I welcome you to bookmark my site, subscribe, and follow me on social media so that we may all learn more together.